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Corusca Gem

Corusca Gem

Description Edit

Corusca Gems (Gem) are the premium currency of Star Wars Assault Team. The are used to continue failed missions, buy more Hero or Item slots, refill energy or to level up heroes, in lieu of Promotion Items. 

They can also be used to buy Hero crates at the following rates
Bronze Crate (500Credit):Tier 1 or higher
Silver Crate (5Gem) :Tier 2 or higher Hero
Hero Crate (10Gem) :1 Humanoid, 1 Beast, and 1 Droid. Tiers 2 to 4
Gold Crate (20Gem) :Tier 3 or higher
Platinum Crate (50Gem) :Tier 4 or higher

One Gem is awarded for each story mission completed on normal level. No gems are awarded for completing story missions on Heroic or Epic levels.

One Gem is awarded when you increase in Rank.

Availability Edit

Corusca Gems can be earned by completing missions, leveling up or by completing offers from Tapjoy. Rarely, Arena Crates give them as a reward.

They can also be purchased as an in-app purchase at the following rates:

 16Gem = $4.99 (31¢ each) 

 60Gem = $14.99 (25¢ each) 

150Gem = $34.99 (23¢ each) 

280Gem = $59.99 (21¢ each) 

500Gem = $99.99 (20¢ each)

A special offer of 15Gem for $1.99 is available for one time only.

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